Markell Jones Velocity Bike Check

Markell Jones Velocity Bike Check

We just released the all new Velocity Frame and Markell Jones has his own colorway, the LB Sand.

So we thought now would be the perfect time to do a bike check and ask Markell a few questions.

Frame: Volume Velocity 21″ Long Beach Sand Colorway (Markell Jones)
Fork:  Volume Shun Fork
Bars: Volume Velocity Jones Bar 9.25
Stem: Volume
Grips: Premium CK Grips
Cranks: Premium Trestle Crank 24mm
Sprocket: Volume Melee Guard
Seat: Premium Denim Stealth Seat
Post: Premium Team Stealth SeatPost
Wheels: Premium Curb Cutter Front Wheel, Premium Curb Cutter Planetary Rear Wheel With Varanyak Rims
Tires: CK Tires
Pegs: Premium Plastic Pegs

Modifications: None

What originally got you into riding and what pushed you to bring your riding to a more serious level?

Originally I got into riding because I loved riding bikes and just wanted to branch off from just peddling around the streets. Riding with my cousin and friends really pushed me to think I had a chance to take my dream much more serious but also I was just having fun letting everything fall into place naturally.

What riders did you look up to when you were young?

Gabe Brook, Chad Kerley, Nigel Sylvester, Nathan Williams, Alex Hiam, Garrett Reynolds, John Hicks, Stevie Churchill. Honestly so many more riders that could list that really inspired me to ride everyday

Was the Long Beach Bmx scene a big influence on your style?

Yea I can say my environment in long beach was a big influence for my style. The long beach scene was always so dope to see growing up and I looked up to so many of my friends and the styles they had while I adapted my own.

What’s your least favorite trick?


Any dream setups that you’ve been looking for?

World Record ledge for a hanger or an ice 180! Just something I could really leave a mark on

If you were a bike part what would you be?

A Peg

Is there anything new you’re working on?

Just finished up a project actually dropping soon! Stay tuned for more social media content also

Anything else you want to add?

I wanna say I’m so grateful for this opportunity presented by volume! The journey has been great and I can’t wait for everyone to see what else I have in store. Thank you all for the love and support – Truly Yours Markell Jones

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Check Out The Velocity Frame & Bars:

Velocity Frame

Velocity Jones Bar


Photos: Jarren Barboza

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