Thank you so much for thinking of us for possible sponsorship.

We ask all riders wanting to get sponsored through us to go through their local bike shop first or to get a respected known rider in their area to put in a good word for them.

Rarely do we put someone on our Grass Roots Program (wholesale pricing for parts) without knowing too much about them and only based off a web edit, regardless of how good it is.

We also always look for riders that are a good fit for our team, and are into what we do. It really helps that you already rep our products and not another company’s products in your edit/ pictures.

If you’re out of the US, please contact one of our distributors in your region for possibly sponsorships. We don’t normally take care of overseas sponsorships directly.

For those that are having a hard time finding help, DIG put up this that might help.

Thanks, and good luck!