We're excited to announce the addition of these three absolute shredders to our Volume Pro Team.

It's a great way to start 2024, our 25th year!

Here's some words from Mr Brian Castillo about Volume & where we started.

Volume has gone through many phases throughout its twenty-five years in business. Volume first started as an "all-around" rider brand that was intended for all types of riding. Back in the nineties, there was not necessarily one type of riding. If you rode hardcore BMX, odds are you rode everything in front of you: ramp, dirt, vert, and street. Over the years, the brand went more towards street riding than anything else. Even though street riding took over the market due to its easy access, our taste was always watching and riding everything. 


 When I caught wind of Kris, Jason, and Paul coming on board simultaneously to Volume, I felt that the brand is returning to what it once was when it first started. Guys like Jason Enns, Kris Bennett, Mike Escamilla, and Biz laid down a serious foundation for riders who rode everything with power and style. 


 The other thing we took for granted back then was the camaraderie between us and our different personalities. These three have been on the road and in the trenches together for years already. Even when we first started, the team road trips were the most memorable times with all the crazy antics and riding. With all the upcoming trips, you'll get to experience the team's personalities. Get ready for a new era! - B. Castillo

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