Markell Jones Welcome Video + Q&A

Markell Jones Welcome Video + Q&A

Markell's first Video with Volume is a treat!
We're stoked to have him and we wanted to get an idea of how it was to film!

This is your first solid web edit. How was the filming process and how satisfied are you with the final product?
The filming process was pretty easy I’d say and I’m super happy with the end result. This is by far the best footage I have ever put out.

Filming a video is always hard, specially here in California. What was the most challenging part for you to get the job done?
The most challenging part was dealing with security or just the idea I had in mind not working and having to move onto the next spot. Sometimes you get to a spot and its not even there anymore.

Tell us a little bit about the “behind the scenes” of filming this video. Any particularly challenging clips/good stories?
A lot of laughing and joking around, those are the best clips and stories from behind the scenes

How important is it to you to ride with friends while putting in work?
I believe having friends around is important to take some of the stress off that we put on ourselves.  Sometimes having that homie rooting you on helps you get it done

How was filming with Fern? Any good stories to share?
It was an experience for sure. He is definitely out of the ordinary from what I’m used to but he wants to see us at our best, so it helps

What’s your favorite clip of the edit and why?
The final clip is my favorite purely because of the story behind it. We had gone months prior to me actually landing it but it was blocked off and we couldn’t touch it so we left. I decided to go back and see and bam it was open and yea I handled it.  That’s about it lol nothing crazy.

How is it to have the opportunity to work closely with the filmer/editor and be able to provide some input on your edit?
It’s everything to be honest. Working with Peepgame taught me that being hand and hand with the filmer/editor makes the result way better.

You guys pay a small homage to Gabe Brooks on this one, with that tooth 180 to fullcab. How did that idea come up, and how was your relationship with Gabe?
Gabe Brooks was like my big brother.  He always wanted me to do great things and just focus and whatever I wanted to do. He is 110% the reason im where I am today. He didn’t place me here but talking to him always made me work harder. That clip was a big thing for me, I wanted to show love and respect and add my twist on the spot at the same time.

Seems like you guys always make the most of those schoolyards – not only riding their good spots but also playing basketball to warm up before the clips and having fun, right?
I used to play ball so whenever I’m on a court I wanna shoot around and warm my body up.  It helps me not be so nervous sometimes.

Before starting to ride for VLM, you had already started stacking some footage with Fern. You guys ended up filming a few of those clips a second time with your new VLM setup. Totally tedious but worth it most of the times. Tell us more about it.
Going back and re-filming clips wasn’t that bad but it was a bit nerve racking.  Sometimes you land a clip once and you’re satisfied never having to do it again.

Whats the clip that took the most time/effort or stress to get it done?
The clips that stressed me out are the ones that didn’t even make it into the edit, those ones really got me.

You have a good mix of technical clips, with a great use of your 4 pegs, and even a couple of big rails. How was that icepick on the white rail and the kinked one after take off the stoppers? 
I try to mix it up with what I ride I try to do it all if possible.  The icepick wasn’t really stressful, I just committed with no hesitation and didn’t give up.  The kink rail was fun just because the experience taking off stoppers at an O.G. spot. 

After this welcome edit, what‘s next for you? Any plans to work on a new video project with VOLUME, or other stuff coming up?
Many more projects to come! 

Any last words you would like to add to finish this interview?
I’m excited for my future with VOLUME!

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