Arizona Mini-Trip: Days 3 & 4.

Mastroni | 02.8.16


This weekend was quite a productive one out here in AZ…so much so that we didn’t really take too many blog photos for you so this hodge-podge of iPhone snaps will have to do! Saturday was the day of Bahlman with Eric handling 3 pretty crazy clips for his upcoming Volume 2 section, two of which went down on the above manual pad. I think if we packed up the van and left Eric there all night he wouldn’t have cared…well he would’ve, but that thing is definitely a Bahlman spot if there ever was one. Sunday rolled around and it was Drew’s time to shine. We picked up our boy Greg Moliterno for the day then headed out to some fresh North Phoenix finds where DeMarcus came up on a cheeky little half cab clip. Since it was Super Bowl Sunday we decided to take advantage of an eerily deserted Downtown Phoenix for the rest of the day and into the evening hours where DeMarcus and Drew both came up on some great ones for their respective projects. Keep following along on Insta with the #WatchVolume2 and #WarhorseLine hashtags for more on the daily from our travels. CLICK TO EXPAND GALLERY.

Arizona Mini-Trip: Day 2.

Mastroni | 02.6.16


Day 2 started off by fixing everyone’s flats from the day before and tying up some loose ends in the Super 8 filming department. From there we spent a good portion of the day at Bahlman’s old stomping grounds, an awesome coping ledge where him and his friends likely learned feeble grinds as children. We fueled with as much Panda Express as we could possibly consume and continued on to a bank to sub spot where Eric got an awesome Ratboy-esque clip. At this point the night was upon us and the lights were out. Next to myself DeMarcus is probably Volume’s biggest night filming enthusiast, and in between playing Super Mario for GameBoy Color he came thru with a great one for the second night in a row.

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Arizona Mini-Trip: Day 1.

Mastroni | 02.5.16

Screen Shot 2016-02-05 at 8.05.23 AM

It’s been getting a little chilly in southern California for DeMarcus and I, so we decided it was a good time to take a little mini-trip out to the desert to hang out with our buds Drew Hoss and Eric Bahlman. We also brought our good friend Devin Feil along for a week’s worth of snarky comments and maybe a good photo or two. While on this trip Drew and Eric will be stacking footy for their sections in Volume 2, while DeMarcus works on a project promoting his signature products coming out in a couple months. Follow along on Insta with #WATCHVOLUME2 and #WARHORSELINE to stay up on what we’re doing on the daily. Photos here by DeMarcus & Myself….CLICK TO EXPAND GALLERY FOR DAY 1.

Owen Dawson’s Dig “Youth Of Today” Video.

Mastroni | 02.4.16

This is awesome! Our Canadian rail killer Owen Dawson follows up his Welcome To Volume Edit with an awesome Youth Of Today piece for Dig. From over-cranks down Hollywood High to long ass crooks and gnarly gap to rails, no good setup is safe! If you’re interested in reading more about Owen, check his recent Dig Interview while you’re at it. Filmed & edited by Chris Brocamonte.

Daily Cruise With Billy Perry and Friends

Brian | 02.2.16

Another good NYC ride with Billy Perry and friends all around the city. He bumps into some security guards and people but still comes through with a slew of good footage.

“The first part of this video was filmed on New Years so Anthony Panza and myself decided to try and ride high security spots in Midtown, NYC with hopes that there wouldn’t be much security. We got lucky at some spots and other spots we dealt with the usual security and concerned citizens. The second part of the video was filmed a day before a huge blizzard was supposed to hit. It was around 20 degrees but we got in some last minute street riding before the snow came.
Filmed mostly on a GoPro 3+ with a Zhiyun Tech Rider-M gimbal.”

Owen’s Welcome To Volume Edit

Brian | 01.28.16

Owen Dawson is a f-n grinding Canadian powerhouse. Ever since I first saw him ride, he’s done every grind I could have imagine. Owen also works his ass off for our Canadian distro, KillEmAll Distribution in Vancouver, Canada and makes sure every Volume product is packaged and looking good for all you guys up north.  Owen doesn’t let you down with his Welcome To Volume Edit, be sure to push that play button and get ready to be amazed!  Filmed and edited by Andrew Schubert

The Ridge Attardo 2016 Video

Brian | 01.27.16

One of the best parts of the job is seeing/finding new talent out there and being their first hookup. Ridge came to us from hype man, Broc Raiford talking up Ridge to us for awhile since he’s from Broc’s hometown of New Orleans and shreds everywhere he goes. Think the video is proof of that!  Be on the lookout for much more of our man Ridge in the near future. Video by Christian Mauldin

Tate’s TFT Part / New Volume Vimeo Account.

Mastroni | 01.21.16

Volume BMX: Tate Roskelley – The Finer Things Part from Volume Bikes on Vimeo.

YouTube music restrictions are getting insane, really insane…so much so that Tate’s The Finer Things Part is blocked in almost every country. That certainly stinks, so we’ve decided to upload the entire DVD to OUR NEW VIMEO ACCOUNT, as well as all the latest & greatest Volume Bikes video content from the past couple years. If you’ve got some friends out there fiending to watch Tate’s part & wondering where it went, be sure to share this crucial bit of information with them. Thanks guys, Enjoy!

Billy’s Manhattan Cruise

Brian | 01.20.16

With Billy’s YouTube channel getting so much love these days and with his last NYC 3 ride reaching over 1 million views, he’s embraced rides through the city while filming it all.  Billy and crew recently hit up Manhattan for a day of riding through the streets and hit some spots along the way in his latest edit.

Riding outside in January is not usually an option, but it was 50 degrees without any snow on the ground so we crewed up and hit up Manhattan / Brooklyn for the day. Featuring BMX riders / FTL crew members Austin Mazur, Billy Perry, Dan Nelson, and Justin Koebele.
We took a train into Penn Station early and ended up riding some great spots in Midtown/Downtown, making a quarter pipe under a bridge, riding over the Brooklyn Bridge and riding a lit night spot. Filmed on GoPro with Zhiyun Tech Rider-M Gimbal.

Billy’s Rail To Bar Wallpaper

Brian | 01.18.16

Last month when Billy was out in SoCal to work on some “new projects” and visit family, I got a chance to finally shoot some photos of Billy too.  This is a spot that Mastroni had in his back pocket for a bit and took Billy and myself there for a nighttime shoot.  The champ that Billy is, he laced this rail ride to bars within minutes of getting there, amongst other things… Click image to go BIG.

Australian Team In Sydney

Brian | 01.14.16

Our Australian guys went down to Sydney to finally get together and ride.  They came back with this amazing well rounded edit, don’t miss this one!
“BMX Militia distribution in Australia brought the Volume X Demolition crew, Jacman Hinss, Lewis Mills, and Boyd Hilder (on Demolition only) to Sydney, Australia to ride, hang out and film this edit.” Filmed, Edited by Ben Norris