For any warranty issues, please read our warranty policy before contacting us. Please click HERE to read over our warranty policy. To contact our warranty department via email, please send your email to: [email protected].

Please do NOT send any damaged products to Volume Bikes without contacting us and receiving a Return Authorization Number (RA#). Any damaged products that are brought in or sent to Volume Bikes without a RA#, will not be processed.

Volume Bikes does not accept walk-ins to our warehouse without an appointment. If you do live locally, you’re more then welcome to come by, but you must call to make an appointment and receive your RA# beforehand.

If you live outside of the United States; please contact the authorized Volume Bikes distributor in the country you purchased your product from.

Volume Bikes reserves the right to refuse replacement or offer a replacement at a reduced cost for products that are believed to be damaged outside the realm of normal riding conditions. Normal riding conditions are defined as “using the bike in a controlled manner that is within your own capabilities”.

Volume Bikes does not guarantee that the damaged products will be replaced with the same exact model and color.

All Volume Bikes warranties are valid only for the original purchaser who must provide a copy of the original sales receipt for any warranty to be processed.

Disclaimer: While we at Volume use only the highest quality workmanship, raw CRMO parts/bikes may have some rust present that is unavoidable and not uniform. Make sure extra care is taken when owning a raw part/bike such as keeping them out of contact with water, storing them indoors, properly repairing any scratches that may expose the bare metal to the elements, and similar care. Warranty is only for manufacturer defects and does not cover basic rust nor parts/bike not properly taken care of.

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