What’s in Connor’s Car

Awhile back we did a feature on “What’s in Mike’s Car” on our sister company’s site, Demolition. I don’t know if Mike was too pleased but it got the attention of some peeps. Well, right when I didn’t think we could top what was in Mike’s car, our good buddy Connor Lodes showed up at the office with his Ford Explorer.  Click more for full story and pics (click em’ to go BIG).  Trust me, this one’s worth it!
I wouldn’t say Connor smells or anything like that but by the looks of this mirror, somethin’ in this rig gives off a foul odor.

If this doesn’t say “good times”, I don’t know what does.  BMX, Ruckus, dirty laundry, etc etc.  
This picture might not help out with the ladies but what it tells me is that Connor is a free spirit and lives by the seat of his pants.  Belt, keyboard (doesn’t even own a computer), tripod, tools, half eaten  McDonalds burger and other random stuff.  
There you go folks, another great pro biker sharing his most prized possessions.  



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