Trip survey

EMAN says
1) Favorite spot of the trip?All of them! Good shit but that pyramid rail for sureee and that school with the ledge that went off the top.
2)Least favorite spot of the trip?None of them! We hit good shit, all the spots were good! And good shit got done on all of them!
3)Favorite Cd of the trip?Rick Ross “Port Of Miami” was the only cd we heard in the van but other than that my iPod.
4)Best meal?The ultimate Jack In The Box! Panda Express and Wienerschnitzel too though…
5)Best trick witnessed?Some crazy vertical ice on a bank to rail by Rob Wise and also Rob Wise flying like E.T at the pyramid rail. Shit was bananass!
6)Trip MVP? The machine Rob Wise.

ED says,
1) Favorite spot of the trip…..Walking out on the Golden Gate Bridge
2)Least favorite spot of the trip….the KFC with the crazy crack lady
3)Favorite Cd of the trip..anything not picked by Boy or E-Man
4)Best meal? Deep Dish Pizza place by Stanford
5)Best trick witnessed? Anything by Rob Wise or Biz
6)Trip MVP? Jason Enns

JOEY says,
1) Favorite spot of the trip?Bossy J’s high school
2) Least favorite spot of the trip?SF Community College
3) Favorite CD of the trip?Music was lame
4) Best meal?Hooters
5) Best trick witnessed?Rob Wise, fakie ice pick on crazy bank to rail setup
6) Trip MVP?Rob Wise

JASON says
1)Favorite spot of the trip? Hooters
2)Least favorite spot of the trip?Toss up between the traffic from LA to Santa Barbra or EMAN and boy’s room at 4:30 in the morning, or the cold water only showers in the hotel
3)Favorite CD of the trip?Duh… LIL WANYE
4)Best meal?Hooters, but weinerschnitzel is bomb!
5)Best trick witnessed?The Van not rolling over on Lombard St.
6)Trip MVP?Everybody shredded, but it’s between Biz and Rob for sure

1) Favorite spot of the trip?My favorite spot of the trip was the school with the banks and manual pads.
2)Least favorite spot of the trip?Least favorite was the tranny barriers. I’ve got to step my tranny skills up
3)Favorite Cd of the trip?I think Jason busted out the Lil wayne album somewhere along the trip.
4)Best meal?Hooters was good, but Weinerschnitzel is GREAT! I wish there was one out here, the burgers, chili cheese fries, etc, awww man…
5)Best trick witnessed?Biz half cab at Hubba
6)Trip MVP?Rob “The Machine” Wise. Banger after banger

ROB says
1) Favorite spot of the trip?the up down rail. that thing was amazing!
2)Least favorite spot of the trip?probably the huba ledge spot. wasn’t a big fan of that spot.
3)Favorite Cd of the trip?lucero, but we only listened to that the last day i was there.
4)Best meal?anything that wasn’t jack in the box.
5)Best trick witnessed?probably biz’s manual to whip over that gap thing.
6)Trip MVP?the chinchilla man

BIZ says
1) Favorite spot of the trip?Hubba was cool,been there before just too look at it but it was cool too ride it
2)Least favorite spot of the trip ?Any of the tranny walls
3)Favorite Cd of the trip ? DMX was ok ha
4)Best meal? Boston Market
5)Best trick witnessed? Robs grinding up the rail too gap was cool
6)Trip MVP? Ed,he was running around filming 8 dudes all day



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