The MACHINE keeps turning

Hey i just got back from Barcelona and road fools. Barcelona was amazing we stayed in this condo right next to the beach. There are so many good spots so close to each other i couldn’t believe it. We found pretty much the only bike shop in town and they had volume and demolition stuff so that was kinda cool. our tour guide had kind of a temper when it came to people kicking us out of spots. Well we only got kicked out of one spot the whole time. so we were riding this spot on the bridge and this police man stops on the road below gets out of his car and is yelling at us to leave or he was going to take our bikes. Our tour guide gets pissed that the cop was kicking us out starts yelling back at the cop and tried grabbing this brick out of the planter box to throw at the cop it was pretty intense. Road Fools was just as fun the crew was awesome. We started in Phoenix stayed there for like a week since there was so much to ride. It was 100 degrees the majority of the time so there was a lot of night sessions. Then we went down to Tucson for a day rode some pretty good ditches and this cougar permission pool. We got there kinda late and they had it all lit up for us. It was weird having like 15 dudes all at a pool session that doesn’t happen often.We ended up in San Diego we had to do a demo at the levi’s store that was pretty fun. Well that’s about it for now.

Manly rail hop
Tight quarters, Euro Travel

Spain Crew



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