The Boss

In California, good spots are hard to come by. They usually wont be around for to long either, once found. Brian hits us with his most loved and missed spots.

1. The Ditch: One of those spots that I’d end up at everyday of my childhood. I absolutely
loved those jumps and miss them to this day. I remember going back one day and they
were totally leveled. I rode back home like I lost a brother. I’m crying as I write this

2. Church Banks: Just a plain bank to curb that I learned most of my tricks on.

3. Honda Hills: Chalk and myself were just talking about this spot today. It was rad,
since it had endless doubles up on top of a hill that overlooked the city. Sunset riding
there was really cool.

4. Moreno Valley SK8 Park: A lot of people hated this spot especially towards the end
but that 7ft mini was fast and had pop. That was the last real wooden sk8 park I think I rode

5. Volume Ramps: How could this be off the list! Rain or shine it was fun to shred.
These days in Cali nobody should be riding indoors since there’s concrete parks in every city now.



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