Tate Roskelley

Sorry, to keep delaying the news of Tate being on Volume. We were hoping to keep it hush till the new year but the internet has a way of getting things out there sooner than later. Anyway, we’re super excited to have Tate on Volume especially since everyone here is super stoked on his original style of riding.



2 replies on “Tate Roskelley

  • Jeff Brown

    Tate Roskelley got dem wild moves! Congrats Tate, you deserve it man, you kept it real and kept your bike on the street instead of the astroturf. All this doesn’t mean you’re getting out of Wednesday night BBQ and garage sesh, so don’t even think about it. Keep up the shreddin and don’t worry about what my friend Bill already did in 86′ Just worry about what Swayze’s gonna do when he beats cancer.


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