SLC in the House

Rob Wise and Tate Roskelley have been in town for a few days working on some video stuff with Bennett. The weather hasn’t been to cooperative but they’ve both managed pretty well, considering there has been snow in Salt Lake for the last few months.

Biz has been hanging out and hobbling around. He got more bad news from he Doc the other day. Cracked femur, another 8 weeks on the crutches.

Rob warming up at the spot with the 180

The Boss Man boosting. With the rain pissing down in the OC, Brian decided to come out to the I.E. and enjoy one of the best area’s in So.Cal for the day

Me, dusting off the X270. Been a few years since i did one of these.

Tate, 360 foot jam back tire grab

Tate, getting his lean on

Quiet on set

Tate loving the Cali spots



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