SD Pics Day 1

Lil D, Alfredo, Castillo and myself went down to SD for a few days to meet up with Rob. Had had been down there for a week getting a real good start on his Demolition section as well as Zombie commercial.

Lil D up,down and around the bend

Grabbing some much needed shade

Im pretty sure there would be some pissed off Raiders fans from LA, if they saw D chilling in the home of the Chargers

Rob trying to go up, D trying to go down at the same time, this could have been way worse. Somebody yell heads up next time


Me, getting my fj whip on. This trick is so fun, i cant figure out why it hasn’t caught on yet

Lil D , whip to curb hop

Rob looks, Rob does

Lil D, getting a bunch of tricks linked in a tight space

Go Team!

Alfredo, links


D, wear’s his heart on his sleeve

Rob, trying to figure how to get D off his bed. Rob went for the lift and cradle technique.



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