Riding and what not

Greg Sumida and Doyle are in town for the week, so we got a good session on this past weekend

We all hit up the Sunday night Fontana session, but we spent most of the night in a heated fly out battle game of BMX. Biz getting his kick out on. He almost took it, but not with this move

Greg staying in the game with the whip

It was the first time most of us had ridden a capsule, we all got a bit upside down, but the pic of me is the only one that turn out half decent

We all went up to WoodWard West on Monday, Biz’s GPS hooked us up with a wicked short cut, we just had to out run Jeepers Creepers.

Biz Whips

Again, we all got our backies on, but mine was the only one that turned out, weird.



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