Ride to Glory Day 2

Check it out here
Fun Facts on the road:
Two girls have been consumed so far. Only one on video though.
All the height pole challenges have been done. Match 48″ if you can boys. Think we’ve got that one in the bag…
We may have the joint longest rail with the Fit team?
Dan Dolan has perfected the Urban Grind manouvre.
We’ve covered 672 miles in the van.
We’ve stayed for two nights in Glasgow.

“Sorry mate, your too casual. Bring some mates with you next time.” – Bouncer
“You talk like Danny Dyer.” – Woman
“F**k you guys, you’re the guys who wear f**kin’ skirts.” – Biz
“Do your teeth ever hurt after drinking cider?” – Matt
“Shits poppin’ up in here, nigger said he should be the winner!” – Bob, everyday…



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