Rainy Days

The rains in California have eaten up almost half of Matty’s trip. Luckily Rooftop invited us for a session at the Hurley TF in Costa Mesa the other day. It was the only session we got in the last week. Thanks Mike, click below for a few more pics.

Biz’ ribs were still sore from his rail crash earlier in the week, so he stuck to 4 wheels for the day. Crooked grind. Will Biz be the next skater to start a bike company?

Matty buzzed his shoulder on this invert, but my HP digi cam was a bit slow on this one.

Matty hangs it over in the street area

Me, Canadian footjammin’

Matty does his best to get his fix , since its expected to keep raining for a few more days.



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