Getting to Know Matty

Matty took the time out to answer a few question. Click below for the quick interview.Thanks to Jody at Timelessbmx for the pics.

1-Dream sponsor outside of bikes? Apple, Chipotle or Audi .. Bam Margera used to be sponsored by them.
2-Biggest pet peeve? When people ignore me.
3-If you could date any celebrity, who? My girlfriend!
4-Favorite sports team from Boston? I don’t like sports. Seemingly the Patriots, Red Sox and the Bruins are the only thing people know how to talk about around here.
5-Favorite fast food spot? Chipotle
6-First city you would choose to live if you left Boston? Somewhere in Cali, never been but I’d like to find out.
7-Most embarrassing music on your ipod? David Bowie – Waterloo Sunset cover.
8-Ever had any Larry Bird sightings? False
9-A spot you’ve always wanted to ride, but never got the chance? Boston used to have these huge volcano’s in front of a hospital but they got torn down.
10-First thing you would do with a million dollars? Buy a winter house some place warm haha.
11-Things that help you get through the winter? Mainly blankets and hot chocolate, too me winter is by far the worst thing for me to deal with.



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