Getting to Know Lil D

D 180’s from high to low over the wall. Now learn a bit more of what makes him tick, click the read more button.

1-Best thing about living in So Cal? Definitely the weather, we don’t get much rain out here.Spots are real good! We got parties, clubs,bars there’s always something to do out here. There’s hot girls,normal girls,weird girls,cougars,oldies but goodies,we got them all depending on your taste.

2-The worst? You have to drive to spots and traffic is crazy! Bum’s are wild animals. Some crazy crimes.

3-Best celebrity sighting? I went to Vegas for inter bike and kicked it at the old strip and randomly got introduced to Jerry Seinfield and he hooked me and my friend up with shots of vodka even though I’m not 21 haha i guess he didn’t know.

4-The best West Coast rapper?MURS-L.A

5-Do you have a tag name, if not what would it be if you did?Nah i don’t tag, i like art! Not chicken scratching but if i was to tag id hit up Climax just cause the actions is where I’m at hahaha. Idk, that’s a hard question.

6-A place you always have wanted to go but never been? Europe i just want to see different life styles and how other people from way on the other side of the globe do things and check out the spots.

7-First thing you would do with a million$ ? Buy a big mansion and bring my Grandma and Grandpa and my dad and my aunt and cousins just like American Gangster!!! Then ill build the ultimate bike park in my backyard.

8-Dream Car? Maybe like a Lamborghini just so it sounds like a thunder storm every time i drive by.

9-Biggest pet peeve? People that don’t eat with their mouths closed damn that’s annoying as hell!!

10-If you could date any celebrity , who? Jessica Biel ,yo did you see her in Chuck and Larry dam she was hot!!!

11-Music you have on your ipod and like, but are a embarrassed to admit it? Sadly i don’t have an ipod its been like a year without it but i like all kinds of music even that funky good stuff!!

12- A trick you cant do, but wish you could? Double tailwhips or three maybe i just want to fly like and eagle!!

13-Favorite fast food joint?this taco truck next to the projects with bomb!!meat quesadilla’s.

14-Dream sponsor out side of bikes? Apple then id never be sad without an ipod!!

15-Favorite So Cal sports team? Lakers,Dodgers all the way!!!!hah.



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