Getting to Know Drew

1-Things that help you get through AZ summer heat?Night sessions and Dr. Pepper
2-An AZ spot you saw when you were young but never got to ride?Supposedly there was a tennis court surrounded by transitions
3-Dream car?1995 Ford Econoline or a fully carbon Specialized Roubaix
4-Ever had a Steve Nash or Wayne Gretzky sighting?Not yet but I have seen Alice Cooper and John McCain
5-First thing you would do with a million?Take all of my friends on a 3 month Euro trip
6-Biggest pet peeve?Negative/pessimistic/asshole people
7-If you could date any celebrity, who?I watched Lost In Translation last night so I wouldn’t mind a fling with Scarlett Johanson
8-If you had to choose a place other than AZ to live?Most likely Long Beach
9-Music you have on your ipod, but are embarrassed to admit?Probably Cat Power or Men At Work
10-Ridden with Gonz lately?Haven’t seen him in years, but my friend almost got kicked out of his house because he was hiding him in his sisters room
11-Favorite non bmx website?Myspace or so I can steal their spots
12-Best fast food?If you have never been to Cheba Hut you haven’t lived



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