Get to Know Bryant Shepherd

Bryant spins the bars in this Thanksgiving-esque photo, then answers a few questions below.Click for more and get to know Bryant. pic-Eddie Buckley.

pic-Ryan Topp

1-Name,Age? Bryant Shepherd, Newly 19

2-Hometown and current location if different? Born in Pocatello, Idaho and currently living in… Pocatello, Idaho

3-First Bmx video you ever saw? ummm, i got a Gravity Games VHS for Christmas when I was like 9 or so haha.

pic-Ryan Topp.

4-The number of the first Roadfools you saw? I think it was 12

5-Have you ever watched any sort of video on a VCR? haha I swear I didn’t read this before I answered the 3rd question.

6-Things to do during the Idaho winter? a whole lot of video games, back biking, and random chaotic adventures.

pic-Ryan Topp

7-Most famous person to come out of Idaho? that i know of… Sarah Palin, and I guess if you consider people who take first at a Dew Tour stops famous, Josh Hult haha.

8-Pet peeve? When people don’t keep their word. That’s pretty annoying… (Please don’t do it)

9-Music you like but are embarrassed to admit? I’m not really embarrassed to admit anything, but people usually make fun of me for listening to The Dream. I guess it’s somewhat sissy music haha

pic-Lourie Buckley

10-Dream date with which celebrity? I don’t care what kinda date I went on as long as it could be with Elisha Cuthbert.

11-Favorite meal? Tie between spaghetti with meatballs and sweet and sour chicken.

12-Favorite holiday? Thanksgiving for sure… I love food.

13-A spot you never got to ride but wish you could have? We have this local legendary park called the 70’s park. It’s not even 5 minutes from my house, and I’ve still never rode it. The owner isn’t scared to blast you with his shotgun bean bags. Matt Beringer is the only person I know who has sweet talked his way into riding it.

pic-Lourie Buckley

14-A trick you cant do but wish you could? I would do anything for my 360 inverts to look like Doyle’s, I must be missing something in the equation.

15-Favorite sport or team? Boston Red Sox baby!!!

16-Current car?Dream car? I currently have a Bitchin 3 cylinder Geo Metro, and if I could have any car in the world I would have to say… a Bitchin 3 cylinder Geo Metro, with a sun roof!

pic-Ryan Topp

17-How many apps on your iphone? favorite? haha I love how u assumed I had a Iphone. I’m not cool enough for one of those, still rockin’ the EnV Touch, but twitter and myspace all day.

18-First trick you learned? One footers yeeeaah!

19-Trick that took the longest to get? I think the good old tail whip bridge was the hardest to cross.

20-Travel destination you never been to yet? New York, Florida, or any foreign country besides Canada.



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