Field Trip

Matty Long has been in town with his brother Chris enjoying the California winter. We met up with Alf, Lil D and Tommy Blanco yesterday and hit up a few parks and spots. Click below to see the pics from the day.

Lil D, ice

Biz goes up.

D did this barspin a few times for me. his was the best one i got, sorry D.

Alf, ice to hang over mid line.

Matty, luc-e down the rail.

Media moguls, Tommy Blanco and Chris Long


Biz challenged Matty to a nose wheelie contest on this ledge. This was Biz’ best and longest attempt.

Matty says the secret to long nose wheelies is a minimum of 7 hours a day of Halo.

Biz claims that when he was a kid, he did the loop on a swing set. Here he gives it his best try with no luck.



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