E-Man’s Top and Bottom 5’s of Canada

E-Man just returned from a 2 week Toronto tour in the Great White North. While there he laughed at Boy getting ripped off by Dominican strippers and discovered that bar ends are a good idea after taking a bar to the palm and bleeding like a possum hit by a truck.
Here are the top 5 Good and Bad things about his trip:
1) Strip clubs- Being able to drink alcohol in them, and their ” Amateur” nights.
2) Girls, girls, girls.
3) Spots, spots, spots.
4) Watching Heaton shut down spots with bangers.
5) The treeeeeess! haha.
1) No Mexican food or Jack In the Box.
2) The Beer Store- As cool as it sounds, it sucked.
3) Everything else a lil more pricey than home.
4) Always carrying change cuz they don’t have $1 dollar bills.
5) Getting broke with 5 days still to go .



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