Another Day In L.A.

Ed Subias was headed out to shoot with Lil D, so Biz and i decided to tag on along for the day.

We met up with D and his crew at Montebello skate park. Perfect Feb day, you could tell by all the people sleeping in the grass a few feet away from the park.

D, step up smith. Just watch out for the hand balls.

Tight fit, the entrance and exit from the park

After the park, D took us to some of his local street spots. Me playin it safe on the cheese grater hip

I went to sit on this bin and it collasped. I literally needed help to get out of this postion. Getting old

Shootin the B’s

Hip Whip

D got a few clips here before a good samaritan decided it was his duty to kick us out of the parking lot to an empty building

Hop over smith

Luc-e gring under pressure from campus sercurity



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