Another Day In L.A.

I met up with Alf and John at Volume today. We drove in and grabbed D and tried to shred, even with the winds being just under hurricane strength. Click below for the pics.

This was sitting out front of Lil D’s when we picked him up. Turned out to be his new ride. Sooooooooo sick!

Alf, hops from flat……

and D 180’s

D, ice’s right before one of the nicest cops asked us to leave

D gets a quick line at an abandoned mall, while security lurks around the corner

D, footjammin’

Alf, ice hop in


I completely disregard the” grass doesn’t count” rule, for a bit of fun

Lil D, lines into the middle of rush hour traffic

The wind kicked up real bad half way through the day. By the time we got to this spot, you weren’t doing anything without getting your eyes and mouth full of dust and sand.

A day in L.A. wouldn’t be complete with a stop at Jack’s. ULTIMATE!



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