Another Day In L.A.

The crew went into the city yesterday to meet up with Lil D and try and do some mid week street riding. We hit a few spots that where a bust , so we decided to check out some parks. This one had one of the most wild designs we had seen in a while.

Luc-e, Lil D

Lil D warms up the front end

Alf shows all the razor kids whats up


Alf, mid week, mid day rooftop session

D grabs a quick mid session snack

Lil D, getting it done

The heat took its toll on Biz

D, starts off a hot line

One of many sets of bones Mj had bids on before he passed.RIP

The are some LA possums somewhere pouring a bit out for this guy

Give a hoot, dont pollute.



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