A day with P-Rod

Alfredo,Glenn,Lil D, Chris Brown, Jeremy Pavia and myself spent the day at P-Rod’s skate park in Pacoima. Its usually no bikes, but when you have a personal invitation from Paul himself people get the f*ck out the way.Click below for more pics.

Chris Brown, feeble up to bars to start the first line of the day.

Lil D, hot lines

It was hot like summer in the Valley today,late Nov, got to love Cali

Alfredo, ice up and across

Lil D, this line was sick.

C.Brown and Glenn, team work

Not today.

Alf goes up….

…to truck. Alf was to quick with the bars for the HP camera.

D warms up the bars. A bit slow on my part again.

C.Brown put in work on this one. Hangover every inch of the ledge.



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