A Day in LA

Biz,Alfredo,Brian and myself met up with LIl D in LA yesterday. D gave us a tour of some of his local spots and parks.

I hope Brian was changing his grip here but not to sure.

Biz being shy about his yoga techniques.

Don’t worry Biz,Madonna would be proud

Alfredo, ice up.

Brian says good job.

Lil D, luc-e

We were all going to have some martini’s during the session, but the parks board says not here

June gloom

Being a passenger through the streets of LA is fun, being the driver, not so much. Brian has enough of our conversation and gets in his daily Howard Stern.

Brian had to break off another photographer at this spot that was trying to poach a shot of D. It was rough, he might have ended this young photographers career.

D, 180’s while Brian misses the action

Gloomy grease lightning

The weather takes it toll, or actors practice for their rolls in the upcoming The Happening 2

Lil D, up in the mix at the not so safe spot

The vibes get the better of Alf and D

D, mid line

D, bars to manual to bars.



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