Sounds like Heaton is having quite the adventure in Africa already, here’s his first email since he’s been there. Also dosen’t look like the building supplies over there are anything like were use to seeing over here,just look at the 2×4’s for proof

Heres my little story…
So i was about a block and a half from the hotel, after spending all day in the shadiest of shady markets, in the taxi. About 5 guys have this make shift secutity post with a bamboo stick set across 2, 45 gallon drums and the cabby honked a few times to let us through and they didnt like that……they were insisting on seeing his taxi light which was in the trunk and all the while they were yelling back and forth….while i was in the back, and the cabby arguing with about 4 dudes, one of them pulls out a gun and shoots one off in the air and starts chasing the cabby! While he was being slapped in the face by the others…i was frozen! i didnt know what to do…but they never even looked or talked to me, they were just pissed that this taxi driver was being dis respectful…so they cabby didnt get killed and within 4 minutes the guys and the cabby were being nice and polite to each other!!!! When he got back in the car and proceeded through the gate, they gave each other a polite wave!!!! What the fuck. i asked him if he was ok and he said ” ya no problem, these are stupid fuckin people” and that was it….other than that, everyone i saw and met today were soooo nice to be and waving at the “white man”… im seriously impressed with how awesome they are here’ incident aside of course..
so thats my first day here…pretty nuts to say the least.



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