First update from Nate. Says he’s in England and putting the transit system to good use. He says it’s been real cold, I guess he’s been in Cali too long too remember that February=winter in almost every part of the world. He’s off to Leeds for the weekend to hit up some contest. He seems to be pretty psyched on to get out of the crazy rat race, that is L.A.

Heaton is in Africa for the next month doing shows and promoting the use of bikes in different ways. Since he got back from his Cali trip, he spent most of his time before shoveling mass amounts of snow that have been dumped on T.O. this winter. He also told me he had been shredding the St.Thomas indoor a whole bunch and also recovering from all the shots he had to get in preparation for Africa. Expect some good photo’s from his journey soon.

This pic is of Brian clawing his way through the pack to finish his first 10k race. I guess this is what you got to do to stay trim when In N Out is your main staple sustenance.

Brian Castillo: Working way too much on new products and not enough time riding. Expect to see an all new Ryan ‘Biz’ Jordan frame, Rob Wise frame / Bars, E-Man Grip, Enns Grip, all new Sledgehammer and a slew of other stuff. Hopefully by the time you guys read this the new Volume site will be up and running? I also just got back from Las Vegas shooting and riding with Rob Wise.

With all the rain that So.Cal has been seeing, BIZ says he’s just been trying to maintain the trails as much as possible. That’s when he’s not out getting clips for his upcoming Vital edit. That should be done the same time his Ride UK interview drops in about a month and a half.

Eman just got back from a quick trip to Vegas to get some clips and photos. He said they hit up some real good spots and really good parks, but he’s happy to be back in the loving arms of East LA. Also if you wanna set your bike up just like E, you can get a copy of the new BMX PLUS!, where he’s got a bike check in the new issue

Skinny’s been trying to keep warm from the deep freeze in New York by dreaming’ of the sunny So. Cal weather. He’ll be riding in on the upcoming Volume trip in march. Till then he’ll be busy moving from his pad in Queens to his old stomping grounds of Brooklyn.

As for me (Jason), I’ve been enjoying the t-shirt weather here in Van right now, finally been able to start riding consistently again after a long wet winter. You know Spring is in the air when you get to dust off and install the 24″s, see you later winter truck, hello summer whip!

Rob Wise just got back from his trip the Vegas with Brian and Eman where I heard he got some amazing footage. Rob’s been busy working on the design for his new signature frame, big bars as well as a signature Demolition grip. Also has been getting tutored by Eman on many exotic animals.



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