Well most of us are snowed in , John’s in California enjoying the sunshine, here’s his his answers to the same random questions, enjoy

1)Mac or PC? mac.

2)Dream car? toyota hilux pickup. you cant get them in north america but they come with 4 doors and a 2.5 diesel engine but they arent a full size.

3)If you could see any musician, past or present, who? elvis…..the king.

4)Favorite rider from the 80’s?If you know any. jason enns….haha? funny?

5)Choose any place to live , other than where your at now? north van near lynn valley…or the bahamas.

6)If you could date any celebrity, who? if i wasnt married probably sandra bullock cause shes hot and seems cool as fuck on anything ive seen.

7)Favorite sport, besides bikes? hockey.

8)If you were an animal, which one would you be? a dog and i would be the best behaved dog ever.
i would protect my owners and make them laugh too.

9)Dream sponsor, outside of riding? dewalt tools, home depot and redbull.

10)Pants or shorts? pants when riding and shorts when swimming.



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