Skinny’s answer’s to a few random question’s, enjoy!

1)Mac or PC?
I’m a Mac Fanatic! Its just so simple and easy to use, and there aren’t any stupid error messages or random pop ups

2)Dream car?
Station wagon with wood panels, lol, actually the magnum hatchback looks dope, I’m not even sure if that’s the correct name

3)If you could see any musician, past or present, who?
Jimi Hendrix, I saw some crazy youtube clip where he played the guitar with his tongue, the ladies must have loved that guy

4)Favorite rider from the 80’s?If you know any.
I saw GT’s dead sailor when I was younger, Dave Young’s part was crazy

5)Choose any place to live , other than where your at now?
I’d like to live somewhere exotic, somewhere in the Caribbean, or even Dominican Republic, Brazil?

6)If you could date any celebrity, who?
Megan Good… I’m a sucker for cute girls with bangin bodies.

7)Favorite sport, besides bikes?
I got fight night round 3 so I’ve been into boxing since, The knicks suck but I’m still a bball fan. There’s currently football fever here in NY though “GO GIANTS”

8)If you were an animal, which one would you be?
I’d be a horse, cuz the ladies love to ride

9)Dream sponsor, outside of riding?
Live Mechanics is dope, maybe ARIZONA Beverage co, or Stewart’s, their cream soda is official

10)Pants or Shorts?
I like my women with panties or boy shorts



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