i know most of the country looks like the photo above right now, so we thought we’d give you an update on the team to kill a few more minutes of your winter.

John Heaton has had enough of plowing the white stuff in T.O and is off to cali to finish up filming for an upcoming web edit and also head out on a primo trip to San Fransisco after that. If any of you see him, dont mention the state of the MapleLeafs, he’s pretty sensitive about that at the moment.
Eman says he’s been chillin and holdin it down at nine star, helping out random celebrity’s like Paris Hilton pick out the latest fashions.He’s been shooting a bunch of pictures and also starting to get footage for his upcoming web edit.Check him out in the new photo issue of RideBmx, with 2 spreads.
Biz has been real busy, he’s finished up his Ride UK interview as well as his volume web edit , which should be up on the site any day.i know he’s been counting the days till the super bowl to see if the patriots can be the first team to pull off the perfect season.If they do, could mean good things for the trails.Biz also recently celebrated his 27 birthday,congrats biz
Skinny’s been in NewYork freezing his ass off like most everybody else this time of year.To keep himself busy thru the winter he’s making sure all the business’s across the country are well stocked with all the office supplies you could imagine.He’s also looking forward to the up coming volume trip in march to the Bay area.
Nate Morashan will be spending the next week or 2 with Heaton, hittin up all the good LA spots.That’s if the rain will hold off long enough and Nate’s VW will dry out and decided to start. Nate got some real good footage logged for a volume web edit that should hit the net in the near future.
I (jason) just got back to Canada after 2 weeks in the sun down in cali.Had a blast getting footy for the team edit for the site. Also shot some photo’s with BMX PLUS! for an upcoming issue.Not much else to do up here except stay warm and cheer on the best team in the NHL right now,the CANUCKS,
Brian is crazy busy , as always.With having a few team members in town,shooting with them, unloading containers, new product design,and his new facebook account.Even with all that going on , he still found some time to log a couple clips for the volume team edit.



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