Last Volume/Demolition Contest for Dec.

Contest is only for Continental US residents
Please include name and address

First person to shoot and send us a picture of himself/herself with one of our pro riders (Pro rider lists are on the main page of our sites in the team sections) wins a Volume 81 complete bike pieced together with all Demolition components.

Rules: Has to be a NEW photo that was shot specifically for this contest. Our goal is to give the bike away to a bmxer that is in need of a bike. Please don’t send in an entry if you are friends with the pro (we’ll find out one way or another). We only except jpg images no larger than 2MB

Send pics to: [email protected]



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  • Anonymous

    can i just send a pic of me and castillo back in 98 with a location of a secret pool i found here in LA…i havent had a new bike since 2002…

  • BOSS

    Sure, you’re welcome to swing by and get a picture. Is this going to be for the contest or you want your Dino signed?

    Not a good idea to leave your phone number in the comments. Can you resend your image, we have yet to see it? Did you email it to [email protected]?
    We originally had the comp set up for the pros on the main site but since you’d be the first REAL entry we’d let it slide.


    i would like to do it for possibly both
    one for the usual myspace and for with my frame
    and a second for the contest
    because since i dont have a bmx anymore
    id really like to win the contest

  • Anonymous

    can i get the bike with brakes..and mint green and black parts… i found a secret empty pool in LA …12 ft. marks whatso ever of skaters or bmxers.. and i have a pic with you since the old La rev comps…and have old bmxplus’s with your pics scine just trying to say ive been a fan since day 1..and just havent had a bike to mess with for longest time… not making this up either…thanks alot

  • BOSS

    Yes, you can get the bike in that color. (not the contest one but for purchase). Check out our custom complete section on the site.
    Thanks for the support over the years.


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