From now till Christmas we’ll (Volume/Demolition) be having weekly giveaways.
The prizes will get bigger as we get closer to Christmas.
Contest is only for Continental US residents
Please include name and address

Second contest is for an 81 (Biz) frame (brakeless)
Fist person to name 3 of the 4 tricks that Biz made famous (we’ll use invented loosely, since we don’t really know if a kid in Indonesia did the tricks before Biz) during the years of 01-03.

We got a winner 5 min after the post went up. Thanks to all you guys that gave answers. Stay tuned next week for another one.
Jason Morris from NY

Correct answers:
Hurricane barspin
Truck-driver bunnyhop
Fufuna downside whip
360 tail-tap to whip in



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