80 degrees in December

A bunch of the Volume crew got together in LA to ride and film for an upcoming mixed edit. Click below to see some more pics from this beautiful Saturday afternoon.

Lil Larry.

Larry was feeling the big quarter

Biz clicks the like button for Belvedere park.

Larry, flip 180

Larry pretends he’s Sergio for a second

Team work

Biz, pre nap, grind hop over

Larry nofoot cans the box jump

Skylar and C.Brown

Larry whipped the stairs before most of us were over the fence.

D and C.Brown

D, grind hop over into the bank

Lil Larry working on his manual to whip

D, rail hop

Larry, 180 b’s

Lil D, hop in to grind, hop over, to start his line

Larry, oppo whip

Lil D, tooth hang 180

C.Brown, manual up to bars.

D, Larry and Biz taking in the gorgeous December weather.

Skylar pulling double duty.

Calm before the storm.

C.Brown rolls the dice on the rail feeble.


Tommy Blanco’s road set up. Only a matters of seconds after the action and its already on the computer.

A day of riding in LA wouldn’t be complete without an appearance from the boys in blue.



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