Mike Jonas

Mike Jonas

1. Best part about where you live?

There’s a tight scene out here and everyone’s super stoked on everyone else that rides bikes. I moved out  to Berkeley without knowing anyone, and literally on my first day out here, I met a bunch of cool bay area locals who welcomed me as local They introduced me to everyone, and showed me around to all their spots. And there’s lots of amazing spots that aren’t blown up in the slightest bit.

2. What’s your daily routine like?

Wake up whenever, ride bikes, work at night, and go to sleep whenever.

3. Upside of being a pro bike rider?

It’s fun! I love riding bikes all day, going on trips, working on videos, and trying to come up with good ideas for photographs. This is what I loved about riding before I had any sponsors, and it’s still my favorite part. Also, when younger riders at the skateparks ask me if I’m sponsored, I can say yes and hook them up with stickers.

Downside of being a pro bike rider?

Injuries suck, but getting past that fear is part of what makes riding bikes so much fun and rewarding.

4. What do you see yourself doing after riding?

I can’t see myself not riding. Apart from riding, I want to continue having a job I enjoy, traveling, and just keep doing awesome things…

5. Magazines or the world wide web and why?

The Internet, because it gives more power to the individual. A no-name rider from a town in the middle of nowhere can put up a sick video and become known in the bmx world. You don’t need a professional photographer or videographer with deep ties in BMX. The internet has progressed BMX so much and I think It’s awesome.
It’s not black and white though. I always look forward to new magazines (and dvd’s). There’s so much more focus on quality, which makes them more memorable and enjoyable. With the internet, the goal is to be fast and pump stuff out. You gotta constantly update your site, your images need to be compressed for faster load times. You only have time to write short summaries, and you gotta put out video edits more often to please your sponsors and fans.

6. Best story that you could tell us that happened to you this year?

I ate sushi with Jamie Bestwick in Portland.

7. The ultimate spot you’ve ridden?

I went on a trip to ST Thomas in 2010 with a bunch of really awesome friends/riders for a DIG article. St. Thomas is a 31 square mile island, with a bunch of good spots that nobody has ever ridden before. You could literally film a line and then jump in the ocean 100ft away.

8. What do you do besides ride (video games, razor scooter, watch porn and etc)?

Rock climb, pinpong, stretch, eat healthy, design, build, work on websites (for a few BMX companies), play boardgames, play iPhone games, play poker, gamble, eat ice-cream, and watching breaking bad, it’s always sunny in philadelphia, and cartoon network.

9. Favorite picture that has been shot of you on your bike and why?

Joey Cobbs shot a photo of me doing a wallride on the side of an elementary school roof, for my dig interview. I set up a wedge by leaning a picnic table on a another to launch off of for the wallride. I was sweating it pretty hard. I couldn’t decide on the speed or angle and it was difficult to quickly hop on and off the picnic table. Also, I did some test jumps, and each time I was maybe an inch or more below the part I needed to wallride.
I ended up going for it, hoping that throwing my weight and leaning my bike sideways would give me the extra hight to reach the wall. It worked out, and Joey got a sweet photo of it that I’m stoked on.

10. Last words?

Ride your bike and have fun.

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