Jason Enns


Jason Enns

Hometown & Place of current residence

Horsetown USA-Norco, Ca by the way of Winnipeg Manitoba Canada


Volume Bikes, Demolition Parts and Lotek footwear


Sexual Cherry 1996 Chevrolet 1500 w/ single cab long box slammed on 24’s.

Describe your riding style in 3 words or less

Selective, calculated, mature. Haha, I don’t know what that means?

Things you think are funny

People stressing over a trick when it’s not me, American Dad and Standard Poodles 

Things men do

Drink beer, watch hockey, lift weights, drive chevy pickups, Pit Bulls and mini horses

Trailer Park Boys Character you most identify with

J-Roc… know what imsayin’

Stamps on your passport

Currently passportless, stuck in the good ol USA

What’s it like being on a team with a bunch of children like Broc

It’s awesome, its real fun to give him shit, but he doesn’t hesitate to give it back. He’s such a positive dude that it’s hard not to have it rub off on you.

What keeps you motivated

Finding new spots, going on adventures and riding with positive people

If you were given a million dollars tomorrow, what would you do

Pay my house off and get myself into another classic Chevy truck.

Something most people don’t know about you

My Mexican heritage 


You’re Welcome

Instagram: @jasonenns Twitter: @jasonenns



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