Drew Hosselton

Drew Hosselton

Hometown & Place of current residence

Born in Fairfield, Illinois, and currently residing in Tempe, Arizona


Volume, Demolition and Kore Bikes


Honda Civic baby… Tokyo Drift!

Describe your riding style in 3 words or less

Use your imagination

Favorite Joey Cobbs Quote

Haha too many. The one that gets used the most is, “He iced it! How did this happen”

Favorite thing to say using the Castillo voice

“No jerkin’ off in the Volume van guys!”

Things men do

Guy stuff mostly. Use tools, build shit, hunt animals, battle. 

Stamps on your Passport

Up to 12 countries right now, my goal is to fill that thing up with stamps before I’m 30!

Will you ever move away from Arizona

That’s a tough one. I have been flirting with the idea a little bit, but I haven’t really found a place that better suits me. The more I travel the more I like where I live, it just feels like home. It’s the only place in the world that’s normal. 

You are a recent freecoaster convert. How are you adjusting to that?

I struggled with it at first, but now that I am getting the hang of it I like it quite a bit. I feel like the freecoaster will be the new standard soon. Join the revolution!

If you were given a million dollars tomorrow, what would you do

Buy a house, a reliable car, and open up a small restaurant, cafe, or bike shop to keep me busy. I can’t sit still ever, always gotta be making moves!

Things you are terrified of

The only thing that I have a genuine and irrational fear of is flying. Its been that way ever since I was a kid. I used to have really bad nightmares for weeks before I would fly. I am getting a lot better with it but it used to really stress me out before I would get on a plane. 

Something most people don’t know about you

I am a cowboy at the core. 


Thanks to all my friends and family for having my back. To my shorty for being chill with me being a nomad and going away all the time. Thanks to Brian, Mastroni, Joey, La, and everyone at Volume/Demo for helping me out for the past 6 years, its been the best! 

Instagram: @drewhoss Twitter: @drewhosselton



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