Daniel ‘Lil D’ Martinez


Daniel ‘Lil D’ Martinez

Hometown & Place of current residence

Monterey Park, CA.


Volume Bikes, Demolition Parts and Osiris shoes

Describe your riding style in 3 words or less

I’ve been going hiking some days, trying to exercise other ways besides riding and I watch movies a lot. I’ve been trying new food spots with my girl too and just hangin out with my friends.

What’s it like being the only member of the Volume team with a real real college graduate job

I don’t know, I was just tired of labor jobs and breaking my back for shit pay. I just wanted a good job I can fall back on when I’m older. It feels good, I actually like my job, it’s interesting and my boss there is super cool and understands what I do and thinks bmx is dope, so its been great.

You recently took your first flight ever. How was that

So amazing!! I cant wait to fly again, haha. Although I got a lil’ motion sickness and my ears popped like 30 times, it was really cool seeing everything from such a high view.

Who do you ride with on the reg

A bunch of the Belvedere locals and good friends I’ve known for a while, like Jeff Cadger, John Gomez, Anthony aka Boy, Christian, Tommy Blanco, and other homies that come thru here and there.

How’s the East LA scene these days

Its been getting better! Its getting pretty popular, definitely see more and more kids riding. Although I wish they would ride more street than the skatepark but its all good! The more riders the better!

What keeps you motivated

I still get a good feeling from riding and learning new tricks always gets me stoked. Filming for the Volume video has got me really excited to try to ride more and face some of the scarier stuff I’ve been wanting to do. Also riding is like my get away/ stress relief, so sometimes when I’m stressing other things I’m always glad I can go out riding and I just do my own thing.

If you were given a million dollars tomorrow, what would you do

I’d buy a couple of houses and maybe start a business of some sort! I have a couple ideas that I’ve had for a while so I’d definitely make that come true. I’d also help my family out give them a taste of the rich life we never had, I know they’re tired of living this poor life. So shit, hopefully one day I do win a million dollars, haha.

Things you are terrified of

I haven’t really been terrified of anything, my whole life but I guess not being able to support myself and being a bum in the future is something I’m scared of.

Something most people don’t know about you

Spanish was my first language and I came to live in the US when I was 6. I grew up in the ghetto of TJ Mexico. Glad to be out of there! Haha.


To Brian Castillo and everyone at Volume and Demo for so much help these years that I’ve been on the team. Kyle Carlson for still hooking me up with fresh kicks! Mike Mastroni for putting in work being the team manager, everyone on the team, all my close friends, family and my girl for supporting what I do all these years.

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