Chijioke Okafo

Chijioke Okafo

1. Best part about where you live?

All the spots and unreal food, plus free healthcare

2. What’s your daily routine like?

I usually wake up, go to work for the day, then roll out for an evening cruise, maybe catch a show if there’s one that night.

3. Upside of being a pro bike rider?

Getting to chill with all the dudes I grew up watching in videos and idolizing.

Downside of being a pro bike rider?

Having the shit kicked out of you by the ground on a regular basis.

4. What do you see yourself doing after riding?

Hopefully there won’t be an “after” riding for quite awhile but I dunno really. Maybe do the grown up thing and get a real job, haha.

5. Magazines or the world wide web and why?

Web. Only because the newest shit is always right there for you to enjoy. Mags will always be timeless, though.

6. Best story that you could tell us that happened to you this year?

We found a headless squirrel on our stair landing the other day, that was some pretty crazy shit haha. Pretty sure it was some weird mafia “you’re dead” thing. I’m not a real strong story-teller, ha ha.

7. The ultimate spot you’ve ridden?

Norco school in SoCal, fuckin love that place. Everything you need, right there.

8. What do you do besides ride (video games, razor scooter, watch porn and etc)?

Listen to a lot of music, work 5 days a week and browse

9. Favorite picture that has been shot of you on your bike and why?

As cheesy as it is to say, any of the shots from my ID last year. I never thought I’d have the chance to ever do one of those, so they def mean a lot to me. Not to mention, it was my first time to Cali.

10. Last words?

Thanks to everyone at Volume, Demolition, 10pack and Sour Fever for being behind me over the years.



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