Bryant Shepherd

Bryant Shepherd

1. Best part about where you live?

I live in a small college town where you can never be too good for the street. There will always be something here to ride that is scary to someone. Plenty of virgin street.

2. What’s your daily routine like?

I don’t really have one. my daily routine consists of all sorts of spontaneous endeavors. But if I had too narrow it down to something I would say; early morning disc golf session, after noon park session, evening chill session, ha.

3. Upside of being a pro bike rider?

I absolutely love meeting new riders in new places. There are so many amazing riders out there and being able to travel around to see all the different scenes and crews makes it all worth my while.

Downside of being a pro bike rider?

The amount of Ibuprofen consumed in one day.

4. What do you see yourself doing after riding?

Hopefully working a job that still contributes to the industry, that or just being filthy filthy rich. Haha.

5. Magazines or the world wide web and why?

Depends on the scenario. They both have equal ups and downs in my opinion.

6. Best story that you could tell us that happened to you this year?

Haha, I’m gonna get back to you on this one. Too many to think of.

7. The ultimate spot you’ve ridden?

Not much of a spot, Rays mtb park is probably my favorite place that I’ve ridden. I will throw Heber State University on that list… ENDLESS STREET!

8. What do you do besides ride (video games, razor scooter, watch porn and etc)?

Play mad amounts of call of duty, disc golf, chill with homies, honestly just anything fun.

9. Favorite picture that has been shot of you on your bike and why?

It was an invert picture taken by my friend Bryce Packham like 4 years ago. I like it for a few reasons. A: The sky looked epic! B: Thats when my inverts were somewhat decent, and C: it was taken on my old backyard ramp which ceases to exist 🙁

10. Last words?

Shout out to Rob Wise for initially throwing in the wold for me, Shout out to Brian Castillo for all the support, and anybody else apart of the Volume/Demo family that has helped me out, you guys all rock!



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