Alex Platt

Alex Platt

1. Best part about where you live?

Someone’s always down to ride, and there’s never a lack of spots.

2. What’s your daily routine like?

Most days lately I try and wake up between 7:30 and 8:30. Make Coffee (a lot of coffee), roll up something motivating, and take a shit. Make sure Gucci Bear Burr (dog) is all set, pack orders for TCU, mail them, and get to a Plaza or straight to a spot early. Then go start clocking. Get home cook chicken, play a little COD (disgusting habit by the way), read and go to sleep.

3. Upside of being a bike rider?

The people you meet, places you get to go. The culture. Watching the sport progress.

Downside of being a bike rider?

The Hospital!

4. What do you see yourself doing after riding?

Hopefully find a place somewhere in the industry that fits. Even if it’s licking envelopes? Maybe open a coffee shop/bar.

5. Magazines or the world wide web and why?

This is a hard choice but magazines have more memorable value to me.

6. Best story that you could tell us that happened to you this year?

Turns out the is apocalypse is bullshit.

7. The ultimate spot you’ve ridden?

Can’t think of a specific spot but City, Barcelona.

8. What do you do besides ride?

Take care of TCU shipping, and work at S-ONE Helmets occasionally. Read, look for spots, hang out with my dog Gucci Bear Burr, and play a little COD.

9. Favorite picture that has been shot of you on your bike and why?

Probably be that photo of me gapping over the rail into the brick bank in Barcelona when I was 18. It was a spur of the moment “fuck it” type thing and a local Barcelona friend made it happen. Came out sick.

10. Last words?

Thanks to Volume, S-ONE Helmets, On Some Shit, and The Garden for keeping it real.

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