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2658 Pacific Park Drive
Whittier, CA 90601
Phone: (626) 673-3447
Email: [email protected]

Q. After calling your warranty department, I was asked to send my product back to Volume Bikes. How should I send it and where should I send it to?

A. We accept shipments from UPS, Fed-Ex, and the US Postal Service. Please include your name, home phone number, RA number, and return address (no P.O. boxes please) with all warranty shipments to 180 Distribution (Attn.: Warranty Dept.). If you’re in our area you can make an appointment with our warranty department Monday-Friday 9am-4pm.

Q. I sent in my warranty to you guys and it’s taking a long time to hear a response, what’s up?

A. Shipping normally takes up to 5-7 workdays to receive the product (normal ground shipping). Once we get the item, we’ll call you to confirm that we received it and what the outcome will be. Thereafter, it will take another 5-7 workdays to ship the item back to you.

Q. If I’m able to get a “crash replacement” deal, does it have to be on the same product color I had before?

A. No, At times we’ll be out of stock on a color and we’ll ask that you’ll take what we have in stock.

Q. I bought the Volume product from my friend and now it’s cracked. Can I send it in for a “crash replacement”?

A. No, You must be the original owner.

Q. Can I get another “CRASH REPLACEMENT” deal on frame, fork or bar that I already got on a warranty deal?

A. No, we only offer the CRASH REPLACEMENT deal once.

Q. After I got a free replacement part on a warranty from Volume, I broke it. Can I get another free part?

A. No, we’ll warranty your first part free of charge. After that we can sell you a new product for a reduced price. You must still show “proof of purchase” to get this deal.

Q. I modified my Volume product, does this void the warranty?

A. It depends on the modification. Changing colors, cutting bars, and cutting steerer tubes on forks does not void the warranty. However, we will not warranty a fork or bar because you mistakenly cut them too short. Modifications such as: crimping, drilling, bending, or denting will damage the structure of the product and void any warranty.

Q. What is considered “proof of purchase”?

A. A copy of the original sales receipt is considered “proof of purchase”. A copy of a completely filled out warranty card will also serve as “proof of purchase” only if the original card was mailed back to Volume Bikes within 10-days of the original purchase.

Q. What if I can’t find my warranty card or sales receipt?

A. You will need to contact the retail dealer where you purchased the product and get a copy of your original sales receipt. Without a sales receipt or a warranty card, we can’t be sure you are the original owner and any warranty will be void.

Q. I purchased my Volume product from outside the U.S. and it recently broke, what do I do?

A. Go to our Distributors page and find your country, and then contact the Volume distributor in that country.

Q. I live outside the U.S. but purchased a Volume product from the States and now it’s damaged, what do I do?

A. Since you purchased the product from the States you’ll have to contact and send the damaged product back to our U.S. office.

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To receive our FREE sticker sheet you must send us a self addressed stamped envelope (AKA: S.A.S.E.).

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  • George

    Good morning,
    I purchased a set of Thrasher forks off of Ebay. They are chrome 700C. I am not able to see any other chrome sets on the internet at all in 700C, none for sale, none pictured on bikes, nothing in chrome that I can find. Did I buy an authentic pair of Volume Thrasher forks? Did you folks sell these in chrome?


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