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  • Josh’s Dad.

    As BMX gets older and older, the new generation of extremely talented bike riders emerging from parents who used to/still ride BMX is becoming more and more commonplace. Our very own Josh Clemens is fortunate enough to be one of those lucky kids raised on a steady diet of BMX by his father Tim Clemens, […]

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  • How To Turn Dropouts Into Weapons With Tate Roskelley.

    Ever since my first trip to Salt Lake City in Early 2012, Tate has been talking about doing this crazy dropout grind at the University. Finally in 2013 on a nice warm summer evening he decided it was time to sharpen his dropouts and take this idea to the bank. Right at the end of […]

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  • History: Sean Yarroll

    Sean Yarroll was one of the very first Volume riders that we had 14 years ago.  A true SD rider that always had a very distinct style to his riding.  Some would call his style “mad” or similar to Keith Treanor, just remember him going big and doing shit with force.  Amazing to watch! Sean […]

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  • History: Mike Szczesny

    Coming from the era of when PA trail riding was the biggest thing, Mike Szczesny’s name was one to watch out for.  Mike rode everything but his super smooth style caught a lot of eyes.  Especially after his Wide Awake Nightmare part came out, where he showed that he can ride everything.  Living with Doyle […]

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