You Are What You Drive

I always thought that old saying, “you are what you drive” was bullshit but when you really dissect it, I suppose it’s somewhat true.  You drive what fits you, what’s practical for your needs or what’s affordable to you at the time.  Considering I drive a minivan around, I just hate to say that’s who I am but I guess it’s true… somewhat!  Anyone that knows Alex, knows he’s got steez on and off his bike and rocks the hell out of seventies style clothes, music and etc.  When he pulled up in the 1970’s metallic brown Toyota Corona, I couldn’t help but think that car fits him perfectly.  While this has nothing to do with bikes, besides Alex rolling up to spots in a bit more style than his last Dodge Caravan, I thought it would be cool to show off what Alex’s “other ride” is.  Click top image to see more and read a mini interview on Alex’s new Corona. 

Model and year?
1978 Toyota Corona

What do you look for when looking for a new car?
Well it’s tough for me cause I haven’t bought a lot of cars. I try and narrow it down for things like the handling, reliability,classic look, rareness.

Best feature that the Corona has that you’re stoked on?
I would say the handling. Rear wheel drive is so much fun.

What made you really want the Corona?
Well I was searching for older Toyotas and when I witness this model I started searching and got lucky to find it with one originally owner with 60,000 miles. I was sold!

The Corona actually fits your personality, you plan on any add-ons or improvements to her?
Ya I wanna do some restoring to her in the future. It’s pretty expensive to do work to it.

I’m sad to see the Dodge Caravan leave the stable, what happened to the van?
Well the van was having some engine problems. That was gonna cost me more than I got it for. By that point I was tired of the van I wanted a change.

The Corona has a similar color to your new frame color too, you plan that out?
Haha that’s funny my friends tell me that. Don’t know how that happened. I love those colors!

Anything else new with Chef Chachi?
More photoshopping 2014 and keep on filming for “Shoot Your Future”!



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