Working It Out With Josh Clemens

I always think it’s interesting to see guys coming up that seem to manage riding and work equally as good.  And nothing’s harder than seeing your pro rider friends ride all day while you’re at work!  Josh has been with us at 180 Distribution for little under a year and seems to manage the two fairly well.  Plus he’s a powerhouse on his days off with stacking clips and learning new tricks on the daily.  He never ceases to amaze me when he rides.  We thought it would be cool to interview him on how he does it and show off what he does in the shipping dept too.  Click above image to read/ see it all. 

I look at you as a rider that’s coming up fast and although you work part time you still get out there a lot. How do you manage the two?
I’ve always worked somewhat, even back home.  Juggling riding between work has never been an issue to me. I feel like working gives me a break from riding when I’m sore or trying to rest up and also gets me more stoked and appreciative of the time I have to ride my bike.

Most of your friends are either full-time pro riders or filmers, do you ever get a bit jealous that you aren’t out there everyday with them and instead stuck at work?
Haha, oh yeah of course! But I’m so fortunate to have the job that I have within the industry and being around bikes all day at work anyways, so most of the time it doesn’t really seem like “work”.  I’m not complaining at all, I love it.

You think having a family in BMX (Josh’s whole family races bmx) and working within BMX (Gonracin) has helped your work ethic?
Absolutely!  My family has always been real supportive but never let me forget that you have to work for what you want. I still approach everything with that mindset, not only in bmx but especially in the real world.

Now that you’ve been with us a while at 180 Distribution working in the shipping dept, do you think working in the industry is as glamorous as you once thought or vice versa?
Looking back, I never thought that I would have been working in the industry or be this involved behind the scenes, so to me it’s awesome! I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Working it out with Josh Clemens

What would you say would be one thing you’d tell someone that is in a similar situation as you; someone that wants to ride and work in the industry?
I kind of feel like a large percentages of BMX riders nowadays are really lazy and have no work ethic, so being a rider/ good dude/ hard worker can get you farther then you may think in the BMX world.

What would you consider to be an advantage to working in the industry and disadvantage?
One real big advantage for me is just really getting to know how the industry works and getting to see new products come together is really awesome. I feel like a kid at Christmas every time we get new shipments of samples and products, just getting to see all the new stuff.  There is no disadvantages (for me).  I love bmx.

Do you want to keep working in the industry in the future or do you have a timeline for greener pastures?
I would love to be involved with BMX in some way or form for as long as I can!  Or maybe me and Sho (warehouse manager) will open a bmx/coffee shop, haha.
Working it out with Josh Clemens



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