A young Billy Perry first came to us from a Twitter contest we once had back in 2010 for a new RJ20R frame.  Billy won the contest and stayed in touch from time to time to check in and show us photos of himself riding.  
Long Island friend and our sales rep at the time, Kenny Hirsch, later helped Billy get on our grass roots program through LIB bike shop.  Kenny always mentioned that Billy has been shredding harder than ever and since he won the frame, he’s been reppin Volume.  From there, we got Billy on our am team after seeing how much and how fast he was progressing.

“His Volume 1 part really put him on a whole other level for us, and from there we saw Billy under a whole new light.”

Over time, Billy got into his own groove of riding with a super clean style and always had that perfect “kit” that looked just as good as his riding.
His Volume 1 part really put him on a whole other level for us, and from there we saw Billy under a whole new light and couldn’t ignore him getting the bump to our pro team anymore.
For us, the story of Billy that started from a Twitter contest 6 years ago, to our grass roots program, to am, and now pro, just goes to show how much Billy hung in there and was down to go through the steps that helped him get where he is today.  Always humble, hard working, and progressing are things you’ll hear about Billy.
A few of the guys sat down in front of the camera to say a few things about Billy and his road to the pro team, check it out below.
Welcome to the pro team Billy!

Twitter contest winner, Billy Perry



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