Weekends With Victor G.

I just got back into the LBC from a nice long weekend up in the central coast hanging out with Alex Raban and our newest addition to the B squad Victor Galindo. In just 3 short days and nights we amassed quite a small mountain of footage, claimed mountains in the van, went to a rave party, & much more. And yes, Victor G is a G…check out his newly updated team page and scope our weekend below…

Roughly 24 frames away from a toothpick up on that wall at the Rec spot in Nipomo. Chris Arriaga of BMX Plus was on hand to capture Victor picking his tooth in a proper fashion.

Scoping the results. If for some reason you’ve yet to join us on this thing called instagram that everyone and their grandma does….FOLLOW US @VOLUMEBIKES ! …Tell your mom too.

Seems like everytime I ride with these guys we always end up back at this school riding this white rail. Victor proved that this rail was far from spent with a pegs to elevated over barspin…really stoked on how this one came out!

I apologize for this android via Instagram quality jumpoff but the blog needed to see this one regardless. Never in my life have I lit up a spot for someone to film and had the lights be on for a grand total of a about a two minutes. Here’s victor putting the ice on the cake first try & locked in right down an 11 set. We then headed to another school nearby where he 360’d this pretty sizable planter gap, once again first try….you’ll just have to wait for the clip on that one…

Crazy rave paty that Victor, Raban, our buddy Conor and Myself attended Saturday night in San Luis Obispo. We had a great time, took too many jello shots, danced with some some glowing females, and Raban lost his phone. And yeah, that’s glow paint on our faces…not nose drugs….stay in school kids!

What better way to wake up from a hazy night than to drive the van up a mountain and take in the day? Conor’s family just so happens to own like 300something acres of land in Nipomo including this mountain which overlooks all the way to Pismo Beach up north and down past Santa Maria towards the south. After like 20 minutes of the sketchiest “road” I’ve ever driven a vehicle on, we made it to the top.

Little hard to see everything but you get the idea. Great way to spend the morning with good humans. Thanks again to Conor for taking us up there!

I even managed to get a clip amongst all the victor madness. Hop on my bike to rollercoaster grind down between the slides with the assistance of Conor holding my back wheel from underneath…nohomo.

You know all those times where you glance at a rail, stop to go look at it, and realize there’s virtually no run-up? Yeah, well Victor doesn’t really give a shit, and in fact he thought it just made the rail cooler. Win.

On Monday morning we hit up this abandoned potato factory spot and victor decided that he fancied a nose manual on the wedge to wedge setup far left. It was definitely one of the longest ones he’d ever done and he was having a lot of trouble locking in all the way. He was about to give up and I told him, “nah man, I already put the photo up on Insta, you have to get it!” …then he just turns around the does it that try. #thepoweroftheinternet

Vic spittin hot bars in Santa Maria to end our Monday and our long weekend. Keep an eye out for a banging welcome edit from this guy in the coming weeks!



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