Weekends With Stevie.

Since his recent re-visit back to Cali for like the 5th time this year, Stevie decided to just stay out here with me for the next few weeks and work on a video project for Volume. I couldn’t be more excited to be able to work on something with him for an extended period of time..and let me tell you, we’ve got some fire clips in the bank so far. Here’s some shenanigans we got into this weekend with Enns, Joey, Biz, some local shredders, and of course everyone’s favorite rapper, JUICY J.

On Friday afternoon we went out to ride “The Riverside Vortex” as Castillo calls it, with Jason Enns and Biz. The Volume warehouse however is way more of a time warp…so add some Vegas traffic to that equation and we didn’t even make it out there until like 4pm. Biz and Jason however wasted no time getting on the Instagram updates to hype up Jason’s new skateboarding career.

Stevie gives Jason a hand learning how to do the trick, but don’t worry he really did pull it I assure you. We also figured out right before this photo was shot that Joey’s porn name is “Kiko Stevan”….and Stevie’s is “Smokey Preston.” (The name of your first pet, and the street you grew up on.)

Nose manual pimp Smokey Preston getting it done….

Mr Cobbs with a barspin that I made him do on these colored banks that “he used to ride everyday” but was too scared to chuck em. We got it tho…with impeccable timing may I add…

One blurry photo of the whole crew and Stevie’s first concert ever…none other than Juicy J. If you don’t know who Juicy J is, you are probably over the age of 30, have bad taste in entertainment, and have hair growing out of your ears. Shoutout to Catfish, Adam, Platt, Kareem and everyone in my house for making this a great night.

After relieving his bladder against the adjacent wall, Stevie easily gave this rail a little front peg feel, and clipped up nicely before having rushing to dinner with the boss. More to come…



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