Weekends With Raban Pt 2.

We started off the morning at Nipomo’s finest grocery store deli eating establishment for some breakfast sandwiches, where we had noticed a “3 minutes or it’s FREE” policy at the deli the day before. Mike Jonas decided he would capitalize on this ridiculous policy and timed the preparation of his sandwich on his phone. It ended up taking 3:45 and at that point he, the poor girl’s manager, and the entire store via loudspeaker, knew that he was getting a freebee. Here Jonas enjoys his free egg sandwich with no shame.

We then headed to this insane church roof spot. I wish I had a better photo of it, but basically Raban posted up on the roof, waited for me and Joey to run around to the other side of the building, and as the lady inside was calling the cops, Raban came thru with a bar over the peak of the roof, to monster truck drop into a mulch hill covered in various shrubbery. We all sped away as the lady was chasing us down and taking photos of the van. Great success.

A little mid afternoon shopping before getting kicked out of pretty much every spot for the remainder of the afternoon.

After driving all over the place only to get the boot multiple times, we finally settled in at this spot at a middle school seemingly pretty far out in the country. It was a great time and Raban set fourth and kicked this spot’s ass with two clips.

Nerd Sandwich.

We ended the day at this hidden gem, which happened to be located right inside an apartment complex in a sketchy neighborhood. It turned out to be super chill though, and pretty much all the residents within earshot came out to see what was going on and cheer for Alex to land it. Here Alex sets up shop, before waxing the jungle gym with my deodorant and then eventually sliding a double peg over it.



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